Arla B.O.B Semi-Skimmed

Arla B.O.B expands range with new semi-skimmed milk

From 1st January, Arla B.O.B will offer a semi-skimmed milk that offers the taste of whole milk

Arla B.O.B has launched an innovative new semi-skimmed milk that tastes like whole milk*. 

The semi-skimmed recipe had been in development for the past four years and was produced on the back of an unmet consumer need for a semi-skimmed milk that has the taste and texture of whole milk, but with half the fat**. 

Through various rounds of consumer testing, findings reveal that Arla B.O.B semi-skimmed bridges that much needed gap and offers shoppers an everyday milk that doesn’t compromise on taste. In fact, based on a statistically valid comparative taste test, 80% of consumers who regularly enjoy a fresh whole and/or semi-skimmed agreed that B.O.B Semi 'tastes like Whole Milk', granting dairy consumers more moments of permissible indulgence.  

Catriona Mantle, Head of Milk, Organic & Yogurt at Arla Foods says: “Consumer needs are always the key decision maker when it comes to exploring new product developments at Arla B.O.B, and the need for a milk that delivered a taste of whole milk was one that we could not ignore.  

“Arla B.O.B Skimmed milk has been a trusted staple in fridges for the past six years, and we know that our loyal customers choose Arla B.O.B as it offers a healthier milk choice. Arla B.O.B semi-skimmed is a game changer in the fresh milk category, allowing consumers to indulge, whether that be by creating a tasty latte, or by adding a splash of Arla B.O.B Semi-Skimmed to make a deliciously creamy mac and cheese recipe. There really is no other milk like it in the dairy aisle.”  

The Arla B.O.B semi-skimmed is a recipe that has required years of product R&D at Arla’s site in Aylesbury and has been achieved by adding milk protein, which is found naturally in milk, to semi-skimmed milk. Using ceramic filters to remove the bacteria that typically turns milk sour, the Arla B.O.B semi-skimmed milk is also a milk that stays fresher and tastier for longer.  

When Arla B.O.B semi-skimmed lands on shelves, dairy shoppers will notice the Arla C.A.R.E logo on the milk bottle – a moniker that gives shoppers the confidence that their milk is produced with the highest on-farm standards. It provides the assurance that it has been produced by farmers that are working hard to reduce their impact on the environment through renewable energy plans and initiatives that support nature and increasing biodiversity.   

The Arla B.O.B semi-skimmed milk is now available in ASDA. For more information on Arla B.O.B semi-skimmed milk visit: 

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Fiona Lane

Notes to editors

*Based on statistically valid comparative test with 212 regular consumers of fresh whole & or semi- skimmed. 80% agreed B.O.B Semi ‘tastes like whole milk’ 

**Semi-skimmed contains half the fat of standardised whole milk.