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Got Milk? The UK is a nation confused about lactose

  • Almost the entire nation (97%) wants more food options in their diet  
  • But over half of Brits are confused when it comes to getting diet and nutrition right 

Arla LactoFREE, the milk brand with no lactose (a milk sugar that is found in all dairy and milk products like ice cream and milk chocolate), reveals that despite being a nation that wants to make food choices that make us feel better physically (48%) and mentally (25%), over half of us (52%) feel confused when it comes to getting nutrition and our diet right. 

When it comes to our diets and what’s ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ many of us can feel puzzled when it comes to making the right choices, with many feeling restricted when it comes to meals and snack options. In fact, new research from Arla LactoFREE reveals that almost all of us (97%) wish we had more food options than we currently do, with many of us (38%) sticking to the same meals and missing out on enjoying new recipes on our plates.  

Exciting new recipes are also being omitted from dining tables as over a third of Brits (42%) leave certain foods out of their diet due to taste and over a quarter avoid certain foods due to feeling bloated (29%) and having cramps (28%). Fortunately, the Arla LactoFREE range opens a world of limitless options with a tasty range of dairy goods, without the lactose. Meaning you can enjoy your favourite and delicious snacks and meals without feeling uncomfortable afterwards.  

Rachel Campbell, Arla brand and sustainability director, at Arla LactoFREE, says: “Our research shows that we’re a nation who are missing out on a range of delicious meals - whether you’re lactose intolerant or simply want to live your life without lactose, you should never feel restricted by your diet. At Arla LactoFREE we believe that everyone should enjoy limitless options, which is why our range offers the great taste of milk, cheese, spreadables and cream, with all the natural and nutritional benefits.”  

Despite over a quarter of us believing that lactose free products are healthier (30%), of better quality (27%) and taste (27%) over two thirds (70%) of Brits have never tried adding lactose free products to their shopping list. Meaning many are missing out on the benefits of easier digestion and feeling great after enjoying a meal, without missing out on taste.      

Over half of us (54%) are unaware of the difference between dairy-free and lactose-free options and over two thirds (71%) do not know that lactose free products do in fact contain dairy, just without the lactase. Almost all of us (91%) feel it’s important to maintain a healthy gut but over two thirds (64%) are unaware that lactose free products provide the same nutrients (like calcium and Vitamin D) as dairy products with a few of us (30%) stating that lactose free products are strictly for those who are lactose intolerant. 

Rhiannon Lambert, Registered Nutritionist, says: “Lactase is the body’s own enzyme that breaks down lactose into glucose and galactose so they can be absorbed through the intestinal wall and into our bloodstream. Those with a lactose allergy or intolerance, where the enzyme lactase is not present or doesn’t not function as effectively, may feel discomfort if lactose isn’t broken down into galactose and glucose in the intestines. Products like Arla LactoFREE can be a real game changer, offering both the familiar taste and essential nutrients found in dairy, without the lactose. If you are continuing to feel discomfort after eating certain food products, it’s always best to speak with a health professional to create a bespoke dietary plan.” 

Arla LactoFREE products are made from real cow’s milk but free from lactose with the help of a lactase enzyme and a special filter technique. The special technique at Arla is a gentle two-step process that ensures the lactose is removed but that all the goodness is retained, so those who enjoy dairy and dairy products don’t have to compromise on nutrients (calcium, protein, and vitamins B2, B6, and B12) or the great taste of dairy.  

For more information on how you can bring limitless options to your diet visit: https://www.arlafoods.co.uk/brands/lactofree/ 

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About Arla LactoFREE  

Arla Lactofree has all the nutritional benefits and taste of standard dairy, just without the lactose. It is made from all natural ingredients - we simply filter milk and break down 100% of the lactose so everyone can enjoy some simple, nutritious goodness. Available in skimmed, semi-skimmed, and whole milk and cheese, spreadables, and cream.