One in four British dairy farmers to benefit from a share of the  £31 million windfall from Arla

Arla Foods amba confirms February milk price

The Arla on-account prices for conventional and organic milk will remain unchanged for February 2020.  When applied to the UK manufacturing price Arla’s pence per litre for its farmer owners for conventional milk will remain at 30.04 pence and the organic price at 40.88 pence per litre, from 1 February.

Arla Foods amba board director, and farmer owner, Arthur Fearnall, said: “Overall Global milk production remains stable. Dry conditions in Oceana continue to constrain milk production, whilst markets are now looking to the European spring to see if volumes increase significantly.  At the moment global commodity markets remain in balance, with a gradual strengthening of demand.  The organic milk market remains quiet although there are continued concerns over the balance of supply and demand across Europe. Demand for skimmed milk powder remains strong and fat prices are holding up better than expected after Christmas.”

Graham Wilkinson, UK Agriculture director at Arla continues: “At a time of year when you would historically see a challenge to the global milk price market, a hold on the Arla milk price is a promising start to the new decade. This, along with the launch of the Agricultural Bill and continued growth in consumer demand for dairy globally, suggests 2020 will offer a host of opportunities for British dairy farmers and an exciting year to come for the Arla cooperative.”

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