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17 Jul 2020

Arla Farmers’ Grand Plan For Pollinator Pit Stops Begins To Blossom

So much of the food we enjoy every day depends on pollinators (87 out of 115 of the world’s most consumed food crops needs pollinators, including just about all of the fruit and veg we enjoy in the UK) so it’s important that action is taken to halt and reverse the decline in some of their species. 

As their habitats have been under increasing pressure over the years The Government’s National Pollinator Strategy was created to provide a framework to help protect and encourage pollinators around the UK.   While the Strategy has been in place for a few years now, practical support to help turn it into a reality has been slight, but as we enter Bees Needs Week, farmers from Arla, the UK’s biggest dairy cooperative, reveal the results of an initiative they have been working on with the support of a leading agronomist, Marek Nowakowski that could provide a valuable resource for pollinators and the wildlife they also attract.