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Arla Foods amba confirms June milk price

The Arla on-account prices for conventional and organic milk will remain unchanged for June 2020. 

This means that the UK manufacturing price for conventional milk remains unchanged 29.89 and organic milk at 38.93 pence per litre, from 1 June, for those members who have submitted their climate check and Arlagården plus data. As previously announced, the introduction of the 1 eurocent climate check incentive has been funded by a 1 eurocent reduction in the raw milk value. 

Arla Foods amba board director, and farmer owner, Arthur Fearnall, said: “The impact of the COVID-19 crisis continues to be felt across the whole market.  Prices in all commodity categories fell significantly through March and April.  As we enter May, some level of stability appears to have returned to global commodity markets, for the moment at least. With uncertainty still surrounding the extent to which markets, particularly foodservice, and countries will re-open, it is difficult to make an accurate assessment of how things will develop. The organic market is similarly impacted. Therefore, the market outlook remains uncertain, with the likelihood for a further negative development.”

Graham Wilkinson, Agriculture Director at Arla Foods UK adds: “Sustainability and animal welfare continue to be important for Arla, our customers and consumers. June marks the beginning of a new set up for our milk price, with an incentive for farmers who have submitted climate data to understand their farm’s current climate impact. This insight will enable them to prioritise areas that could help reduce their on farm emissions. With over 90 per cent of our UK farmers already on this journey ahead of our June deadline, it is encouraging to think that this commitment and contribution from our farmer owners will also help our cooperative to develop the world’s largest climate database, through which Arla can take a company-wide view on how we are reaching our goal to become Carbon Net Zero by 2050.”

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