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Arla LactoFREE pours feel-good factor with new installation

A new, first of its kind billboard has been unveiled by Arla LactoFREE as part of the brand’s Freedom to Embrace campaign. 

Sited outside Westfield in White City from 19 June, the attention-grabbing installation appears to feature a giant carton of lactose-free milk being poured into a cup, with a fountain of real liquid which flows from spout to cup.   

The ad is the first of its kind and is part of a six-figure campaign that will include a sampling activation, inviting consumers to enjoy the simple goodness of Arla LactoFREE milk, and the launch of UK’s first lactose free café in West London. Customers will also be directed to visit the brands’ website, where they will find a host of delicious lactose-free recipes, while the social media campaign will encourage consumers to experience the ‘good feeling’ of the Arla LactoFREE range. 

Laura Butler, senior brand manager at Arla, said: “Arla LactoFREE was the first major lactose-free milk on the market, opening up the great taste of regular cow’s milk to those who wanted something without lactose, so it’s fitting we’re the first to unveil an attention-grabbing installation like this. While shoppers at Westfield, White City, will be able to see it first hand, our wider marketing campaign this summer will mean consumers across the country will be able to take part and experience the feel-good factor of Arla LactoFREE.” 

Alongside the industry-leading billboard at Westfield, Arla LactoFREE has a heavy-weight digital out of home campaign across the country. The creative for the digital campaign has been adapted in collaboration with the ADHD foundation to incorporate design features to make it more accessible for the neurodiverse, including specific colour and font usage. 

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About Arla LactoFREE: 

Arla Lactofree has all the nutritional benefits and taste of standard dairy, just without the lactose. It is made from all natural ingredients - we simply filter milk and break down 100% of the lactose so everyone can enjoy some simple, nutritious goodness. Available in skimmed, semi-skimmed, and whole milk and cheese, spreadables, and cream.