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Milk price for April 2024 will remain the same for conventional and increase for organic milk

From 1 April 2024, the Arla on-account price for conventional milk will remain unchanged and organic milk will increase in the UK by 1.34 ppl (1.5 €c/kg.)

This month there will see the quarterly currency adjustment negatively impact the on account price by 0.04ppl, which means the UK manufacturing price for conventional milk and organic milk will be 40.02ppl and 48.68ppl respectively.​

Arla Foods amba board director, and Arla farmer, Arthur Fearnall, said: “Global milk supplies are slightly lower ahead of the expected spring flush. Retail sales continue to pick up and commodity markets are stable. ​ In the UK, the organic milk price increase is driven by growing demand. Overall, the outlook is stable.”

Paul Savage, Agriculture Director for Arla UK continues: “It is a particularly exciting time for our farmer owners, we are currently holding our district meetings for all our owners to attend and are going through our farmer elections across every region in the UK. This month we also announced a significant investment in a state of the art mozzarella production facility at our creamery in Taw Valley, Devon. As one of the biggest food companies in the UK, it is only natural that we look for further opportunities to grow and increase the value of our farmer owners’ milk, which we believe can be achieved through exploring further export opportunities.” 


Notes to editor

  • Arla farmers are paid on constituents via a manufacturing schedule. For ease of comparison, the liquid price is 38.40ppl for conventional milk and 46.70ppl for organic milk, based on 4% fat and 3.3% protein. 
  • Manufacturing price based on every other day collection, top quality, one million litres, 4.2% butterfat, 3.4% protein.

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